We believe in the value of standards and independent certification programmes. Through this philosophy customers can be assured of consistent level of performance and quality when using BAC products and services. ECC and CTI have published on article on the value of thermal performance certification.

Thermal performance certification

Eurovent logoThe purpose of certification is to set forth a programme to assure users of evaporative cooling equipment that all models from a product line of a specific manufacturer are thermally performing in accordance with the published ratings. 

BAC was one of the first manufacturers to get certified by Eurovent, so you can rest assured that the certified products will perform at the published capacities.

Benefits for the customer are

  1. Certified thermal performance eliminates the potential of excessive operating costs due to deficient equipment.
  2. Confidence that your cooling tower will perform at the published capacities.
  3. Demonstrated code compliance and risk reduction due to independent validation and verification.
  4. Eliminates costs associated with expensive and time consuming field thermal performance testing.

BAC participates in the ECC programme for cooling towers. Check ongoing validity of our certificates: www.eurovent-certification.com.

Also BAC drift eliminators are tested and certified by Eurovent.


Compliance with ISO9001:2015 standards offers BAC customers better, more consistent quality, reliable performance and confidence that the product can be delivered on time and per the specifications. Consistent quality also reduces the potential for installation and operational problems. Any problems reported from the field receive swift corrective and preventive actions to prevent reoccurrence. This level of performance is assured through frequent internal training and audits, bakced by rigorous external audits by an independent, ISO accredited registrar. ISO 9001:2015 also requires demonstrating continuous improvement of products, processes and systems over time, benefiting both BAC and its many customers.


European directives and standards

The design of BAC products is influenced by European Directives and recognised standards. Examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • European Machine Directive
  • European Pressure Equipment Directive PED
  • Atex Directive
  • Eco Design
  • Thermal performance acceptance testing of mechanical draught series wet cooling towers
  • Method of measurement and evaluation of thermal performances of wet cooling towers.
  • ...


Specific and important country related directives, standards and certification programmes.


VDI 2047 and VDI 6022 are German standards to provide customers clear guidelines to operate their cooling installations in an optimal way. It is a real misunderstanding that a manufacturers "hygiene certificate" -stating product conformity with the standard- is a guarantee for a safe product. We refer to VDI comments on this subject on their website that such certificates are contraproductive and gives the operator the false impression that his cooling tower is safe by design.
As a reliable cooling tower manufacturer, supporting good practices in line with local regulations and guidelines, BAC can't provide you with such certificates that have no value.


BAC products are TR TS 10 certified.


ELT logoCXVE, CXV-D, VXC evaporative condensers are on the ETL (or Energy Technology Product List, ETPL). This is a government-managed list of energy-efficient plant and machinery. It is part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) tax scheme for businesses. For the correct BAC models on the list we refer to the ETL website.

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