Key benefits

  • No plume
  • Superb water savings
  • Cost saving

No plume

  • Non-plume wet operation thanks to dry finned coil: it reduces humidity of discharge air from the prime surface coil.

Superb water saving

  • Patented intelligent flow control system!
    With a 3-way valve for precise setting of outlet fluid temperature and unrivalled annual water-saving.
  • Load profile-adaptable to dry, adiabatic or combined wet-dry operation.


  • Evaporative cooling PLUS unique combined heat transfer system for minimized system-wide energy consumption. 
  • Axial fan – half the consumption of rivals and huge single cell capacity: saving you more!
  • Less water usage = less water costs = less water treatment expenses

Low maintenance and easy inspection

  • Inspect and maintain safely HXI towers with unrivalled comfort, while standing inside.
  • The HXI has a spacious plenum (internal area) and easy inspection/maintenance access.
  • Access via large hinged door to internal walkway: no basin draining needed for unit interior inspection.
  • Easy to inspect the coil during operation from the outside or from the inside via the removable drift eliminator modules.
  • Easy to inspect the fill from the inside and via the removable combined inlet shields from the outside.
  • The patented BACross fill sheets reduce fouling, allowing an easy inspection of the fill core without dismantling. Optional BACross fill bundles for quick and easy removal and cleaning of the fill.
  • Self-cleaning cold water basin and fill above sloped basin to flush out dirt and debris.
  • Removable suction strainer anti-vortex hood.
  • Make-up, drain and overflow easily accessible from the outside for inspection and cleaning.

Flexible operation

  • Multiple fan motor system covers independent fan motor and drive assembly per fan with a plenum partition for independent fan operation. For extra capacity control or stand-by fan in case of fan failure.
  • Various corrosion-resistant materials, including the unique Baltibond® hybrid coating for guaranteed long service life.
  • Single-side air inlet and discharge, fits in most enclosures.
  • Unique and patented heat transfer system: featuring combined flow via heat exchange coil and fill pack, for fine temperature applications and thermal challenges.
  • Patented intelligent flow control system!

Maximum operational safety

  • Easy-clean and easy-inspect HXI units reduce hygiene risks from bacteria or biofilm inside.
  • Combined inlet shields block sunlight to prevent biological growth in the tower, filter the air and stop water splashing outside.
  • The patented BACross fill reduces fouling.
  • The drift eliminators certified by Eurovent, to prevent droplets escaping into the air.

Interested in the HXI hybrid closed circuit cooling tower for cooling your process fluid? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.