FXVS principle of operation

The FXVS combines the function of a cooling tower and a heat exchanger into one unit. The warm process fluid (1) circulates through a heat exchanger coil (2), which is wetted by a spray system (3). In parallel with the water spray flow, an axial fan (4) draws air (5) over the coil. The evaporation process cools the fluid (6) inside the coil. The process fluid travels from the bottom to the top of the coil because the coldest spray water and air are in the top of the tower. The spray water falls onto a fill pack (7) where it is cooled before falling into the water basin (8). The spray pump (9) recirculates the cooled water to the top of the tower. The warm saturated air (10) leaves the tower through the drift eliminators (11) which remove water droplets from the air.

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